999999 Flash IPL Laser Hair Removal Device 5 Modes LED Painless Epilator For Face Body Bikini Leg

€26 €48
999999 Flash IPL Laser Hair Removal Device 5 Modes LED Painless Epilator For Face Body Bikini Leg
999999 Flash IPL Laser Hair Removal Device 5 Modes LED Painless Epilator For Face Body Bikini Leg
€26 €48

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999999 Flash IPL Laser Hair Removal Device 5 Modes LED Painless Epilator For Face Body Bikini Leg – Green AU Plug

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Voltage: 100V-240V
Color: White, Green
Material: ABS+Glass
Irradiation area: 3cm²
Use times: 999999 times
Wavelength: 570nm-1100nm
Function:999,999 times of use, 5 levels of intensity adjustment, manual/automatic mode, painless hair removal, permanent hair removal
-IPL is a broad-spectrum light source that is dispersed on the skin and helps to permanently reduce hair loss. To ensure that this ipl laser hair removal is safe, compared to other laser hair removal devices, our permanent laser hair removal device gently puts the hair follicle into sleep and disrupts the hair circulation. Please make sure it is close to the skin when using, the effect is better
-5 Energy-saving levels and 2 flashing modes. Our permanent hair removal has 5 different energy levels to suit different skin sensitivity. For the first time, we recommend adapting to the device from level 1 and flashing. Two modes of design can meet your needs for different hair removal parts. Manual mode is mainly used for small areas of hair removal, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers, lips; automatic mode can be used for large hair removal areas, such as arms, legs, abdomen and back
-Quick and effective body care. Tests and research have shown that after using the IPL laser hair removal system for only 3 weeks, hair growth is slow, reducing hair by 80% (too fast can damage your skin). After 8 weeks the hair becomes more delicate. Regular use can help prevent unnecessary hair from contacting the skin surface. Our painless epilator is suitable for women’s and men’s face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines. And unnecessary hair growth in other parts of the body
-999999 Pulse IPL light not only effectively remove facial hair, can promote cell regeneration, restores skin elasticity. ldeal for full body all skin types hair removel, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest. Body hair removal and thoroughly without missing to leave skin feeling cleansed,soft and smooth.
IPL Technology—Due to its built—in intense pulsed light technology, the IPL Hair Removal Device is effective and painless. The IPL light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle below the skin and can suppress hair growth. No stimulation, nodamage, long-lasting and gentle inhibition of hair regrowth, prociding you with a new experience of efficient and comfortable hair removal.
-5 Files switching stall interval is only 3 seconds, hair removal efficiency is increased by 30%. Free adjust the intensity of light, effective against different skin color and hair color(Dark brown skin and black skin are not applicable). Gentle IPL light irradiation, even if the extremely sensitive parts, but also can have hair removal.
-Double Flash Molding—perfectly attach onto skin with comfortable use, and won’tcause burden for skin. Automatic continues flash is suitable for larger area depilation
How to use:
1. Use a shaving knife to shave a layer of hair;
2. After the hair removal device is plugged in, press and hold for 3 seconds to start the product. In the starting state, press the key for 1 second to switch gears, there are 5 in total, and press for 3 seconds to shut down;
3. After adjusting the gear position, wear goggles, close the hair removal device to the hair, press the key to emit light, and press and hold for 3 seconds to use the key to switch to automatic mode. The automatic mode is suitable for large areas of hair on hands and legs. Use can delay hair growth.
Packing list:
1X IPL Hair Removal
1X Razor
1X Glasses
1X English Manual
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