Esky 300 V2

$204 $175
Esky 300 V2
Esky 300 V2
$204 $175

$204 🇺🇸 or €180 🇪🇺


COUPON PRICE: $204 🇺🇸 or €180 🇪🇺

Esky 300 V2 Mini 6CH 2.4Ghz FXZ 6 DOF Axis Flybarless RC Helicopter RTF – Mode 1 (Right Hand Throttle)

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The ESKY 300 V2 is the perfect indoor and outdoor Helicopters for any beginner pilot who ready to try single-rotor machines from coaxial helicopters and multirotor drones. Its fixed-pitch, simple rotor head and 6 DOF FXZ control system lets you enjoy high-level of stability and efficiency even in outdoor environment. Even experienced single-rotor pilots will find the ESKY 300V2 is much greater to have around whenever time, place or weather keeps you from flying a bigger helicopter.
Available in Mode1 (ESKY007926a) or Mode2 (ESKY007926b)
FLYING indoors and outdoors comfortable with 6 DOF FXZ Flight Control
Dual Rate for Indoor and Outdoor Environment
High Resistance for Tough and Durable
LED for Light up your Flight
Durable, Lightweight airframe
Length: 310mm
Width: 42mm
Height: 88mm 
Flying Weight:123g
Tail Rotor Diameter:55mm
Includes MINI 6X 6-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter (up to 18-Channel)
Includes 2S 7.4V 320mAh 25C Li-Po battery with MX 2.0mm 2-pins Plug
Includes USB charger for 2S Li-Po Battery with MX 2.0mm 2-pins Plug
English Manual:Click Here
Package Included:
1 x ESKY 300 V2 Helicopter
1 x MINI 6X 6-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter
1 x 2S 7.4V 320mAh 25C Li-Po battery
2 x Main Blade
1 x Tail Blade
1 x USB Charger
1 x Canopy Enhance Tape
3 x Double-Sided Sticker
2 x Screw Driver
1 x Hex Key
1 x User Manual


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