[EU stock – CZ] FNIRSI-1014D 7 Inch TFT LCD Display Screen 2 In 1 Dual Channel Input Storage Oscilloscope Digital Signal Generator

€158 €275
[EU stock – CZ] FNIRSI-1014D 7 Inch TFT LCD Display Screen 2 In 1 Dual Channel Input Storage Oscilloscope Digital Signal Generator
[EU stock – CZ] FNIRSI-1014D 7 Inch TFT LCD Display Screen 2 In 1 Dual Channel Input Storage Oscilloscope Digital Signal Generator
€158 €275

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FNIRSI-1014D 7 Inch TFT LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAYS Display Screen 2 In 1 Dual Channel Input Storage Oscilloscope Digital Signal Generator


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FNIRSI-1014D is actually a pair of in one oscilloscope and also indicator power generator, the real-time testing price is actually 1GSa / s and also along with 100MHz* 2 ana-log data transfer, along with 7inch TFT LCD show monitor, the integrated high-voltage pro-tection component can easily put up with around 400V constant current, without stressing over the oscilloscope burning collision triggered by the probing stagnating to 10x gearwheel, integrated in DDS feature indicator power generator and also the sector’s original slicing outcome (@ 2.5vpp), all indicator regularity action is actually 1Hz, help 14 type of conventional feature indicator and also an adjustable slicing indicator, slicing The outcome gadget obstructs component or even the entire portion of the facility indicators determined due to the oscilloscope as the outcome indicator of the indicator power generator, which can easily conserve to thousand individualized cut-off indicators. Come on and also attempt it, it is going to certainly not allow you down.
Built in DDS indicator power generator, help 12 type of feature indicator.
Capture outcome indicator feature, which can easily conserve to thousand squeeze indicators.
Targeted higher smart translating formula, the encoderlife is actually boundless, and also smart anti-burn feature, 1X Can hold up against around 400V hold up against current.
With 100MHz * 2 ana-log data transfer and also @ 1GSa/s testing price(1X = 5MHz, 10X = 100MHz).
Fully match 7 in 800 * 480 settlement different colors TFT LCD show along with brilliant colours and also higher comparison.
High dimension current array: 1X can easily evaluate 0~40 V, 10X can easily evaluate 0~400V.
Up to 12 specifications dimension:VPP,VP,Vmax,Vmin,Vavg,Vrms,Frequent,Duty+,Duty-,Time+,Time-,Period.
Cursor dimension feature: it comes to personally evaluate the duration and also regularity and also current.
Complete activating feature (singular, usual, automated), and also at any moment, the waveform display screen (quit feature) is actually held up.
Equipped along with higher effectiveness One-switch car, and also one-button waveform storage space and also screenshot feature.
Built-in 1GB storing area, can easily conserve to thousand screenshots + thousand collections of waveform information.
Powerful waveform photo supervisor sustains succinct searching, browsing, thorough browsing, web page switching, removal and also waveform zooming in, zooming out, relocating, and so on.
Equipped along with a USB user interface, which may be linked to a com-puter to discuss its own screenshots along with the com-puter, which comes for additional review.
Lissajous numbers visuals display screen feature may be made use of to find out the bigness, regularity, and also stage comparison of 2 teams of indicators.
FFT display screen feature, can easily examine the spooky qualities of the indicator, mind squeezing innovation, waveform rejuvenate display performs certainly not flicker.
With the display illumination correction feature and also history gr-id illumination correction feature, additionally simple to lug.
Ana-log band size: 10%n>
Number of stations: 2 stations
Maximum live testing price: 1GSa/s
Vertical level of sensitivity: fifty mV/div ~ five hundred V/div
Horizontal opportunity foundation array: 50S/div ~ 10nS/div
Maximum exam current: 40 V (1X probing), 400 V (10X probing)
Storage deepness: 240Kbit
Input protection: 1MΩ
ADC preciseness: 8bits
Coupling setting: HVAC/Direct Current
Trigger setting: Single, Normal, Auto
Trigger upper hand: Rising upper hand/Falling upper hand
External trigger current 0~40 V
Extension slots: USB photo export
Package dimension: 340 * 140 * 70mm / 13.4 * 5.5 * 2.8in
Package body weight: 2500g / 5.5lb
Package featured:
1 x FNIRSI-1014D Oscilloscope Host
2 x Matching 100MHz Probe (1X and also 10X)
1 x Clip
1 x USB Data Line
1 x English User Manual
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