HG P415A PRO Upgraded Light Sound 1/10 2.4G 17CH 4WD RC

574€ 632€
HG P415A PRO Upgraded Light Sound 1/10 2.4G 17CH 4WD RC
HG P415A PRO Upgraded Light Sound 1/10 2.4G 17CH 4WD RC
574€ 632€

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HG P415A PRO Upgraded Light Sound 1/10 2.4G 17CH 4WD RC Car 4X4 Pick-UP 2 Speed Off-Road Vehicles Models Toys
574€ 632€

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Note:The smoker aerosol is not included,you should prepare it by yourself


Basic informationBrand:HG Item No:P415A PRO(with sound and light function) Scale:1/10 Color:Desert yellow,grey and green Max Speed: Low speed:6.3km/h High speed:11.8km/hPower SystemESC:45A independent esc speed controller Motor:570 brushed motor(12500 turns,built in fan,strong magnetic,dual bearings) Servo:9KG waterproof alloy gear digital steering servo
TransmitterFrequency: 2.4G Channel:17CH Remote Distance:120m(Limited to no interference and open space) Battery:6X 1.5V AA(not included)BatteryNot included Recommended Car Battery:7.4v 4500mAh lipo battery(product id:1432831) Charging Time:About 4 hours Using Time:About 30 minutes
OtherMaterial:Hardware,ABS and electronic components Recommendated Charger:7.4v 800mAh(product id:1410851,not included)Dimension

Car Size:49.5*26.7*21.7cm Front RearTrack:32.93cm

Left Right Track:18.73cm Box Size:60.8*20.8*30.1cm


1. Newest 570 level brushed motor,12500 rpm, built -in fan, strong magnetic, dual -bearings),which can effectively reduce the torque attenuation caused by the heat generated by the motor due to work.
2. 9kg waterproof alloy tooth digital steering gear.
3.45A electrical: can be switched to the brakes and brake-free modes, and with two battery protection modes of LI-PO and NI-HM.
    a. Electric band low -voltage protection: When the battery voltage is too low, the electrical power will be started.
    b. High temperature protection: When the temperature work temperature is higher than the set value, the electrocomposition will start power -off protection; when the temperature drops to the normal value, it will return to normal.
4. The independent suspension structure also adopts the wheel -edge reducer structure. Such suspension elasticity is better, which can absorb pavement vibration and stable driving at high speed.
5. The manual differential lock structure can achieve independent locking and unlock differentials in front and rear bridges to meet the driving needs of more terrain.
6. Adjustable shock absorber can obtain the best ideal shock absorption effect by adjusting the length of the shock absorption ring or release the spring length.
7. Remote electric two gear transmission ratio can be switched at will (Top Gear 1: 20.77 Low Gear 1: 38.77).
8. The throttle driver is medium -level adjustment, brake or braking mode switching, positive and negative switching.
9. Steering percentage amplitude adjustment, angle percentage and hanging percentage amplitude adjustment, positive and negative switching.
10. Standard the new front and rear all -metal anti -collision to make the model vehicle better and more playful.
11. Bring 5 all-terrain natural rubber tires, tire size: 22x38x55mm-R100-12mm hexagonal wheel connector-maximum width of the left and right tires: 225mm.
12. The bottom of the whole alloy car, with the front and rear metal collision, and the nylon -made mud boards on the left and right sides, which enhance the off -road anti -impact capacity and easily cope with various terrain.
13.2.4G-new 17-channel full-proportion remote control system,support digital communication
14. The wheel shaft is upgraded to φ6 steel shaft, which greatly increases the service life and off -road capabilities and replaced the differential planet’s teeth material, so that it has a greater power upgrade space.
15. The gearbox uses the “570 motor” to provide a stronger motivation for the car.
16. The simulation of the full -length lighting system and the simulation sound system are suitable for any model model on the market.
17. The new car atmosphere headlights: atmosphere light ring (color, flashes can be adjusted) and main lights (monochrome and brightness) can be controlled independently.
The light board comes with the button to control the functions of the light color change, flashing effect, opening-turn off, etc., which is convenient for customers to use this product to modify any models by themselves.
18. Increase the lighting system: enrich the product lighting effect, making the product look more cool. The lamps come with the button switch control, which can be universal in the market
Any model on the surface is modified.
19. The new high -power voltage voltage board (6V power supply), which provides more convenient and stable power supply methods and comes with an electronic switch to turn off the entire vehicle electricity
Source (including electrical power supply), compatible with 2S-3S batteries, blocking protection (automatic power close protection when current is abnormal), long press for 3 seconds of power switch
20. Add license plate decoration parts and stickers: Customers can freely combine their favorite numbers.
21. Remote control of the smoke heater: Close-open
22.front remote controlled traction strand increases more playability.


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