Launch X431 PRO 5 Car Diagnostic Tool ECU OBD2 Scanner J2534 Programming TPMS Activation Machine

€1533 €1942
Launch X431 PRO 5 Car Diagnostic Tool ECU OBD2 Scanner J2534 Programming TPMS Activation Machine
Launch X431 PRO 5 Car Diagnostic Tool ECU OBD2 Scanner J2534 Programming TPMS Activation Machine
€1533 €1942

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Launch X431 PRO 5 Car Diagnostic Tool ECU OBD2 Scanner J2534 Programming TPMS Activation Machine – EU Plug

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Do High-level Repairs without Dealer-Only Scan Tools

Exceeds Most of Your Professional Needs

Vehicles are changing. Diagnostics become increasingly complex. Don’t panic. Gain confidence and get everything you need to diagnose, research, and repair any vehicle issues at your fingertips with LAUNCH’s cutting-edge automotive diagnostic solutions all merged into this 2022-NEW X431 diagnostic scanner: PRO5.

1. 2022 New Arrivals, NO IP limited

The genuine X431 diagnostic scanner officially authorized from LAUNCH; no IP restrictions; extra-long 2 years software updates at no costs; extended 5 years quality backup.

2. Multilingual Support

Chinese Simplified, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Persian , Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian

3. Upgraded from X431 V+/Pros Mini/PRO3/TURBO/Throttle

A rich array of future-proof functions for productive works: 1) SmartBox 3.0, J2534 ECU Programming, Intelligent AutoVIN & AutoScan, Active Tests, All System Diagnostics, VAG Guided Function, FCA AutoAuth Access, etc.; 2) advanced Online ECU Coding & Adaptations brings more personal settings; 3) 50+ service functions with more frequent updates to support more vehicles.

4. SmartBox 3.0 — Multifunctional Connector

1) Fix the most vehicles with OE-level vehicle coverage; meet SAE standards for J2534-1 & -2, CANFD, DOIP and support DC9-36V for HD Vehicles; 2) also serves as a wireless VCI.

5. OE-level Car Coverage

OE-level Car Coverage – 100+ car brands, 20,000+ models from the US, European, and Asian car markets; still expanding.

6. Intelligent Diagnostics

AutoVIN & AutoScan powers all-systems DTC scans that clock in at an average of < 3 minutes.

7. Full Bidirectional Active Test

Effectively test car components on demand.

8. FCA AutoAuth Access

Bypass SGM in FCA vehicles seamlessly and within seconds; works on 2017 and for Chrysler, Dodge,for Jeep,for Alfa Romeo, for Fiat, etc. *Need AutoAuth subscriptions.

9. VAG Guided Function

Skip the routine procedure of entering the security access code & channel number for VW, for Audi, forSkoda, Seat vehicles.

10. Add Modules to Expand Features

ADAS Calibration Toolkit; VSP-600 VideoScope; X431 TPMS TSGUN; BTS360 Bluetooth Battery Tester; X-PROG & X-PROG3 Immobilizer.

11. Non-16pin Connectors & Cables Kit

enable to work on varied vehicles across the world.

12. User-Oriented – One-touch software updates

24/7 online feedback; save, record data, and automatically generate reports to share via email; 12-channel graphic live data stream displayed in one screen with max. 4 streams can be merged; 25 languages menu.

13. Great Combination

Android 9.0 OS, 8-core 1.8GHz processor, 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM (128G expandable), 10.1” HD 1920*1200 touchscreen, 8MP rear & 5MP front camera, 7000 mAh battery, etc.

The optimization to the LAUNCH X431 scan tool’s software communication with the vehicles of today and of the future, dramatically improves scanning, coding, and reprogramming performance.

1.Serve as J2534-Compliant VCI – compatible for Toyota, for Honda,for Volvo, for VW, for GM, for Chrysler, for Benz,for Jaguar, for Land Rover; for offering cost-effective access to data and OE programming downloads from vehicle manufacturers.

2.Serve as the VCI Box for Wireless Diagnostics – Transmit vehicle data to the diagnostic tablet without a physical connection.

3.Compatible with new communication protocols of CANFD (compatible with some GE car models), and DOIP (compatible with BMW E/F/G Chassis, Jaguar, Land Rover), and support DC9-36V for HD Vehicles (need the extra purchase of HD software, non-16pin HD adaptors); offering the OE-level aftermarket coverage to have maximum manipulation and calibration previously allowed in a manufacturer’s software controls.

Specification :


 10.1-Inch 1920×1200 FHD IPS


 8-Core Processor, 1.8 GHz




 2.4GHz /5GHz


 4G, ROM 64G


 7000 mAh / 3.8V

Operating voltage


Storage Temperature

-20℃~70℃ (-4℉~158℉)

Working Temperature

0℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)


 267*191*33 mm (10.51*7.52*1.30 inch)

VCI Connector






 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band

Working Temperature

 0℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)

Operating voltage

 DC9~36 V (open the heavy-duty card software and purchase the heavy-duty card connector

It can be easily extended to heavy trucks) Note

 It is not standard and needs to be paid separately.


 200*75*40 mm (7.87*2.95*1.57 inch)

New protocol support


How to Use SmartBox 3.0 as a J2534 Pass-through Box?

1.Download the OEM software in Automakers’ Service Webs. You can reach us to get web sites.

2.Connect the SmartBox 3.0 to your computer with the included USB cable, or via the stable and solid 5G Wi-Fi network.

3.Connect the SmartBox 3.0 to your vehicle’s DLC port with/without the included extended OBDII cable.

4.Download and install the drivers for SmartBox 3.0 at the LAUNCH official site.

5.Run “SmartBox Tool 3.0” and there you go. 

Package Included:

1X Display tablet
1X VCI connector

OBD II extension cable

1X Password envelope
1X Power adaptor
1X Charging (Type A to Micro) cable
1X TypeA to Type B USB cable
1X OBD I adaptor box
1X Battery clamps cable
1X Cig lighter cable


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