MOZA Slypod Pro Motorized Tripod with Ball Head

€528,72 €762,61
MOZA Slypod Pro Motorized Tripod with Ball Head
MOZA Slypod Pro Motorized Tripod with Ball Head
€528,72 €762,61

ONLY €528,72 for MOZA Slypod Pro Motorized Tripod with Ball Head Carbon Fiber Monopod for DSLR Camera Stabilzer Gimbal bluetooth 4-axis Linkage – Black


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Redefined 3-In-1 Monopod
The Slypod Pro is more than just a monopod. This new motorized monopod perfectly combines the sliding movement of a slider and the lifting movement of a jib arm, in exquisite body size. With Slypod Pro, unique shots at any possible angle can be captured smoothly and precisely, from horizontal to oblique, vertical to hanging and encircling.
Reach Further, Move Faster
Slypod Pro is developed to meet content creators’ professional needs in all scenarios and conditions. With the new upgrade, the Slypod Pro can extend out 530mm for a total length of 1380mm.
No More Lost Moment
The mission of Slypod Pro is to help content creators inspire the world. This lightweight motorized monopod can be placed at any angle and camera position to capture the amazing shot. 
Redefined Motion Control With 4-Axis Linkage
Slypod Pro can be linked with Moza Aircross 2 using MOZA Master APP, enabling 4-axis motion control for endless creative possibilities.
Powerful, Robust& LightWeight
This 3-in-1 monopod is made of sturdy and light-weight carbon fiber supported by a robust foldable tripod base designed to help the Slypod Pro on any surface. The portable Slypod Pro only weighs 1460g.
High-Precision Motion Control Made Easy
Experience the Ultra-high power drive motor technology that powers at your fingertips, with an unmatched precision movement of 1mm and acceleration from 0 to 10,000rpm in only 10 microseconds (1/100000s).
Unlimited Power Supply
The super built-in battery provides the Slypod Pro with up to 5.5 hours of run-time. It can also be charged by an external power supply for continuous shooting. With the enhanced power supply, creativity always shines.
Brand model: Slypod Pro
Material of Main Body: Carbon Fiber
Weight of Main Body: 1460g
Storage Length: 650mm
Maximum Expanded Length: 1380mm
Maximum Stretched Length: 530mm
Maximum Endurance: 5.5H
Battery Types: Li-18650-4S1P-14.4V2600mAh-PCM
Charging Time: 4H
Maximum payload: Horizontal payload: 3.5kg, Vertical payload: 6kg
Operating Speed: Highest: 40mm/s, Lowest: 0.5mm/s
Pan&Tilt Compatibility : Arca
Speeding Control: 10 Grade
Package Included:
1 * MOZA Slypod Pro Motorized Tripod
1 * Ball Head


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