RGT EX86170 Challenger 1/10 2.4G FWD/4WD RC Car Crawler Two Speed

393€ 403€
RGT EX86170 Challenger 1/10 2.4G FWD/4WD RC Car Crawler Two Speed
RGT EX86170 Challenger 1/10 2.4G FWD/4WD RC Car Crawler Two Speed
393€ 403€

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RGT EX86170 Challenger 1/10 2.4G FWD/4WD RC Car Crawler Two Speed Climbing Off-Road Truck Vehicles Models
393€ 403€

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Basic informationBrand:RGT Item No:EX86170 Scale:1/10 Color:Green,yellow and red Power System

ESC:Hobbywing 60A WP-1060 esc Motor:6235-RC550-35T brushed motor

Steering Servo:Digital metal gear 25KG servo

Winch Servo:Digital metal gear 25KG servo 360 degree

Functional Servo:7.4V/9G(shift/axle locked)


XA8 remote controller

Frequency:2.4G Channel:8CH Remote Distance:>100m Required Battery:4X 1.5V AA battery(not included)


Recommended Battery:2-3S Lipo or 7.2V Nimh battery(not included)


Material:Plastic,hardware and electronic parts

Car Weight:3.2kg(without battery)


Car Size:502*258*246mm


Ground Clearance:70mm(chassis),54mm(bridge axle gearbox)


Winch Steel Wire:0.8 diameter/90cm

Box Size:575*275*282mm

RGT will launch a new 1/10 crawler- “CHALLENGER”, item no.:EX86170. As a new high-performance crawler built by RGT, it brings players a smoother climbing experience. Chanllerger adopts portal axle structure, two-speed transmission, DIG system,  rear axle locking function, and the freely switched front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive mode, 6.6% overspeed ratio between front and rear wheels , and a reverse drive system design, focusing on climbing performance. “CHALLENGER” has a truck-shaped appearance with two-section conbinated soft and hard shells, which can fully reflect the powerful climbing performance effect and modification needs. It’s also equipped in factory with winch unlock function,  rear axle housing Anti-roll bar, spare tire, LED light group , 8-channel transmitter and other entertainment highlights


New designed low center-of-gravity Reducer, all use metal gears with 45# steel-made reduction shafts, improving the durability and reliability.  High and Low 2-speed switching design, equipped with DIG rear axle locking function, brings a tighter turning half diameter. It also have DIG front-wheels drive.

The whole car adopts metal gears, high-precision rubber-cover bearing, and steel central CVD. Smoother transmission performance, no-worry about violent car sweeping and broken shaft.

Metal Axle Housing and Metal Baking Finish Axle Housing Cover, Portal Axle Design,The second-grade gears assembled in Axle housing are made of metal. CVD metal ball joint semi-shaft.Caster Hub and Steering Mount use impact resistant nylon material.

25KG -360 degree metal winch steering gear design, hidden conduit wire rope design. The original winch wire can stretch up to 90CM and support up to 15KG of tensile weight. Steering servo mounted on axle housing, brings more direct turning performance. When in extreme tight rail, through steering servo torque, it has a better ability to cross.

Anti-roll bar added in rear axle housing, provides better support for car in high-speed operation and avoids roll-over. Players who prefer slow climbling can remove the anti-roll bar to get a higher twisting stroke and increase the passability.Suspension system uses CNC aluminum alloy coilover shock absorber, double-stage spring design, red oil injection spring. Coilover suspension brings more convenient damping adjustment, which could be adjusted in different terrain.

The bodyshell uses two-section PC soft shell (suitable for modification), with environmentally spray paint and transparent windows, providing three colors for option (yellow, green, red). The bodyshell is equipped with plastic accessories such as roll cage, air grill, rear-view mirror, wiper, front and rear lamp holders. In addition, there includes one spare tire as standard part in factory.The bodyshell opened by a flip cover, convenient to replace the battery; the adjustable battery tray is suitable for different specification batteries. Standard CNC winch seat and 10-bead front bumper LED headlight, fog lights on both sides.

1.9-inch electroplated silver simulated anti-dropping wheels, the new tires use a rubber compound with strong grip, increase the tread width and irregular tire stud fine lines, and comprehensively improve the climbing performance.

Two driving modes,only front wheel drive or four wheel drive,all steel gear 

Gear Ratio in low speed front is 49.8:1,rear is 53:1,in high speed front is 26.3:1,rear is 28:1,front rear exceed speed ratio is 6.6%

Vertical pass angle is 29゚,approach angle is 69゚,departure angle is 61゚


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