SJCAM SJ10 PRO 4K 60fps 20M Dual Screen DVR Camera Motion Action Camera Waterproof Anti-shake Driving Recorder

€185 €247
SJCAM SJ10 PRO 4K 60fps 20M Dual Screen DVR Camera Motion Action Camera Waterproof Anti-shake Driving Recorder
SJCAM SJ10 PRO 4K 60fps 20M Dual Screen DVR Camera Motion Action Camera Waterproof Anti-shake Driving Recorder
€185 €247



SJCAM SJ10 PRO 4K 60fps 20M Dual Screen DVR Camera Motion Action Camera Waterproof Anti-shake Driving Recorder

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1. Equipped with a 2.33″ large touch screen, the vision is wider, and the touch is zero delay.

If you are used to smart phones, you must also love SJ10 Pro.

2. Upgrade the SJ10 Pro camera on the front screen and unlock more playing methods.
Whether it’s self shooting or live streaming, the 1.3″large front screen can let you find more confidence in front of the camera.
3. Equipped with Ambarella processor and Sony sensor, recording up to 60FPS native 4K resolution,
high bit rate helps to record more details, help you see farther and clearer.
4. The interchangeable lens hood of SJ10 Pro supports a variety of filters to get rich color effects.
5. With a large aperture of F2.8, it can record delicate and clear videos even in low-light nights,
and accompany you to capture beautiful lights and shadows.
6. Built-in six axis gyroscope stabilizer, using intelligent dynamic 2.7 algorithm, greatly reducing the blur
caused by shaking images, just like the camera mounted on a gimbal.
7. It can be equipped with drones to record high-altitude scenes, and it can also snorkel freely in 5 meters deep water
without any waterproof equipment. Don’t worry, it’s body waterproof.
8. With SJ10 waterproof case, it can achieve underwater waterproof up to 30 meters deep.
9. Using 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-mode WiFi, the transmission speed of 5GHz WiFi is about 4 times that of 2.4GHz WiFi,
and 100M video can be downloaded in less than 10s, freeing up more time to record happiness!
10. The professional action camera application SJCAM Zone can not only browse and download the video
in the camera via WiFi, but also perform professional video/photo editing. It can even be shared
to the SJCAM community with one click to share the excitement with more people.
11. Built-in 1300mAh rechargeable/replaceable large-capacity lithium battery, with SJCAM second-generation
low-power technology, the battery life is increased by about 30%.



Main control chip

Anba H22 S85

image sensor  SONY IMX377
aperture F2. eight
focal length 3.3mm
Screen (dual screen display) 2.33 inch LCD touch screen / 1 3 inch LCD (front screen)
Video resolution

4K(3840*2160)24/25/30/50/60fps    4K Ultra(3840*2160)24/30fps

2.7K(2720* 1520)24/25/30/50/60fps    1440(2560*1440)24/25/30/50/60fps

1080P(1920*1080)24/25/30/50/60/120fps   1080 UItra(1920* 1080)30/60fps


audio frequency Microphone and loudspeaker Mono stereo
External microphone support
Video format MP4
Video coding format H.264/H.265
Picture size

20M(5472*3648 3:2)16M (4608* 34083:2)12M(4000* 30004:3)

10M(3648*2736 4:3)8M(3840*2160 16:9) 8M(3264* 24484:3)

5M(2592*1944 4:3)3M(2048* 15364:3)2M(1920* 108016:9)

Picture format JPG
WIFI 2.4G/5G
Light source frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Battery capacity 1300mAh removable battery(Built-in)
USB interface TYPE-C
storage medium  Micro SD card, supporting 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
Power Supply 5V2A
Video output AV output
Battery life  4K / 30fps / about 80 minutes
Charging time About 3 hours
Overall dimension 64.45X44..  5X30. 6mm
weight 112.5g
operating system windows7. 8X / OS X ● 10.8 or higher
Support language

English / Simplified Chinese / traditional Chinese / French / German / Spanish / Italian/

Portuguese / Japanese / Russian / Polish / Czech / Slovenian/ Hungarian / Danish / Dutch / Turkish / Finnish / Roman

Description of front and rear screen switching

1. Quickly press the power button twice to switch the front and rear screens

2. Double click the touch screen screen to switch to the small screen.

Video recording

Start up and enter the recording mode. Short press the OK key to record. You can also ask Swipe up the screen to enter mode

Click the recording icon to enter the recording mode, and briefly press the OK key to record.

Note: after setting the mode, there is a memory mode when the camera is turned off and then turned on, and the camera will remember the mode before turning off.


Start up and enter the standby mode. Slide the screen left / right to switch to the photographing mode. You can also slide the screen up to enter the mold

Click the photo icon to enter the photo mode, and briefly press the OK key to take photos.


When the camera is in standby mode, click the playback icon in the lower left corner of the screen to view the captured videos or pictures.

Media setting menu / system setting menu

Media setting menu: when the camera is in standby mode, click the icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the current mode media setting menu

Face, you can set relevant parameters.

System setting menu: click the setting icon in the lower right corner to enter the camera system setting menu.

Remote control

In standby mode, slide down the screen to display the drop-down menu, click the remote control icon, agree to pair, and the camera enters the remote control

Press the camera and video buttons of the remote control at the same time, and the camera screen shows that the matching is completed


Note: the remote control is a non-standard accessory and needs to be purchased separately

WiFi connection

This product can be connected to smart phones and tablets (Android or IOS system). Please follow the steps below

1. Install the software “sjcam zone” to smart phone or tablet computer (Android or IOS system). Can scan instructions

Download the QR code corresponding to the book, or visit the official website Com download

2. After turning on the camera, slide down the screen, and the WiFi icon will appear on the screen. Click to turn on WiFi

3. Turn on the equipment Search the WiFi name of the camera and connect with the WiFi function on the. The initial password is 12345678

SJ10pro dual screen WiFi Name: SJ10Pro DualScreen_ XXXXXXX

4. After the WiFi connection is successful, you can enter the app for operation.

Package Included:

1 X camera

1 X Waterproof shell without base

1 X Frame support

1 X Bracket base

1 X Helmet base (flat bottom)

1 X data line

1 X Helmet base (arc bottom)

1 X 3 M sticker

1 X Lens protective cover

1 X sticker

1 X Wiping cloth

1 X instructions


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