[EU stock – ES] TheONE T98 TON 88 Keys Portable Light Keyboard Pro Smart Piano Lang Lang Recommended

€717 €1016
[EU stock – ES] TheONE T98 TON 88 Keys Portable Light Keyboard Pro Smart Piano Lang Lang Recommended
[EU stock – ES] TheONE T98 TON 88 Keys Portable Light Keyboard Pro Smart Piano Lang Lang Recommended
€717 €1016

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TheONE T98 TON 88 Keys Portable Light Keyboard Pro Smart Piano Lang Lang Recommended – White


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  1. 88-key force-sensing step-by-step counterweight K6 material keyboard
  2. Easily play with zero foundation, play with the lights, and play with the whole family
  3. Illuminated magic keyboard, minimalist design
  4. MFI authorized certification, the global pass rate is only 2%, compatible with some Android models
  5. Silent mode, plug in the headphones without disturbing the people
  6. Music interactive games, like “Rhythm Master” intelligent scoring
  7. Video teaching, professional teacher parent-child demonstration fingering, listening and learning faster while watching
  8. Real-time update of music scores in the cloud, spectrum recognition assistant, voice intelligent assistant remind fingering, music scores, and staff not boring
  9. 691 melody tones, 256 GM2 tones, 45 folk tones, 11 percussion drum kits

10.Built-in metronome, can be connected to headphones for silent playing, 16-bit stereo, can be connected to external sustain pedal or three-pedal accessories

APP Introduction:

APP: TheONE smart piano

  1. Zero-based follow-up with lights, 4-step teaching method, hand-in-hand teach you fast-track famous songs.
  2. Users with music theory can use tens of thousands of music scores in the APP, play and practice, and update the major popular songs in time every week.
  3. The sound settings in the app can be adjusted with hundreds of musical instruments split + layered sound


Brand:The ONE Music Group

Item Weight:18KG

Product Dimensions:133.2 x 35.2 x 14.2cm/52 x 14 x 6 inches

Item model number:TON1



Style:The ONE Keyboard Pro

Maximum Polyphony:128-note polyphony

LED:88 full color LED lights

Earphones:Two 3.5mm earphone jacks

Aux in:6.35mm Aux in jack

Aux out:6.35mm Aux out jack

 Package Included:

The main body includes: piano body and back board, foot pedal

Cable package: (Apple small port data cable, Android data cable, TYPE-C data cable, power cord, manual, warranty card) *1, 15V power adapter *1

User Manual: Click to download


1.Key length parameters: white keys: 2.2CM15CM (widthlength), black keys: 1CM9CM (widthlength)

2.Set the time to automatically turn off the piano power: the factory default is 30 minutes without playing, the piano will automatically turn off the power to sleep.

The smart piano app enters the music score-tools-settings-automatically turn off the piano (never, 30 minutes, 60 minutes), it is recommended to set to never, to increase stability.

3.The role of the piano: the red strip at the key is to prevent dust

4.AUX-OUT:The audio jack of the piano is used to drive headphones, and it is not recommended that users connect external speakers.

If it is connected externally, you need to adjust the volume to the minimum first, then slowly increase the volume after connecting.

PS: The external speakers are very likely to burn the motherboard chip due to excessive current (you can use stage speaker and outdoor professional speakers, not small speakers)

The piano volume is turned to the minimum, and there is no sound from the piano and speakers. The piano volume is turned up, and both the piano and the speaker have sound. If you want the sound of the speaker to become louder, you can adjust the volume of the speaker while the volume of the piano becomes louder.

5.AUX-IN:Only connect active (MP3, mobile phone) playback devices

The piano and the playback device are connected by a wire. There is no sound from the keys, and the sound of the device is emitted through the piano.


Q: Where is the power cord?

It’s in the packing foam of one end, to ensure smooth delivery.

Q: Why does the keyboard make no sound when playing?

It’s very likely due to the volume setting. Please check the master volume control button on the keyboard main panel to ensure it’s not set to minimum volume. Please also ensure the tablet/smartphone connected to this keyboard is unmuted. Also, if you are using a headphone, please check if the headphone jack is inserted in.

Q: Is it normal to hear some noise when the piano is turned on or off?

Yes, this is normal. It’s electronic device and electrical current can cause some small noise when turning on/off the keyboard.

Q: Can I plug the keyboard into a computer?


You can connect the keyboard to computer by using a USB cable, and then it becomes a MIDI keyboard!

Get the cable here: https://www.smartpiano.com/collections/accessories/products/apple-ios-cables

Q: Are there certain headphones that work with this?

No, it doesn’t need certain headphones. It supports all standard 3.5mm jack headphones or external microphones, so that you can play even at night!

Q: How do I register for The ONE Smart Piano app?

  1. Download the app from the APP Store/Google Play.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app.
  3. Enter an email address,create a password!


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